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Situated in the center of the Mediterranean on the Ionian and the Adriatic seas, Albania promptly is becoming one of the worlds greatest and the most interesting getaways. Albania is still untouched or unspoiled by effect of globalization; travelers will observe an inspiring combination of cultures and civilizations which makes this European country completely one of its own kinds.

Albanian culture and history is enthralling. Butrint, one of the world's best archaeological wonders as well as the UNESCO World inheritance spot in the south of Albania offers a glance of the Mediterranean civilization of the Bronze Age during the Roman, Greek, Venetian, Byzantine and the Ottoman periods. Abode of Mother Theresa plus the great hero of the 15th Century Skanderbeg, Albania at present provides not just mountains and beach holidays but a vivacious city life as well.

Albania in literal means "the land of the eagles and its flag also depicts that. Tirana is the capital of Albania. The capital city is a mix of traditional European structures, mid-east influenced architecture and soviet style five story buildings. Its Korca city is near to the Greece border and as you enter the city it seems devoted for the manufacturing and sale of Turkish style rugs and carpets in every size, color and type. The major tourist destinations in Albania include Tirana, the northern mountains, the southern coastal areas and several archaeological sites. The majority of the tourists in Albanian are emigrants from the West as well as Germans, Greeks, Italians, and other western Europeans.

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