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Bulgaria Country Guide


Situated within the Balkans in the southeastern region of Europe, Bulgaria had always been considered as a haven for Europeans who are looking for a place where they can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and rejuvenate their bodies and their souls. Its serene and picturesque landscapes includes about a network of about 500 rivers, one of which is the River Danube as well as lush rolling mountains and pristine glacial lakes. All of these are just a short commute outside the country’s capital of Sophia.

Bulgaria has become a prime destination for travelers who are looking for the ultimate spa experience to help them rejuvenate their bodies and renew their minds. One of the most popular spa destinations in Bulgaria is the town of Banya. This quaint little town is home to ten natural thermal springs. Many travelers come here to bathe in these springs which have been reported to help cure a variety of different ailments and disorders such as hypertension, rheumatism and ulcers. The mud that is harvested from these springs is used in spa treatments to help detoxify the bodies and relax the muscles.

Bulgaria is a wonderful country to explore and learn about. The nature lovers can head out to the village of Kamen Byag. This breath taking village is a favorite destination for young travelers and couples. Spend some time exploring some of the caves within the area, each having its own mystery and story to tell. There are also a number of small cozy beaches where you can walk along the shore and watch the spectacular sunset.

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