Genoa, Italy, the capital of the Genova Provincia and region of Liguria is at the center of famous Italian Riviera. The city is today noted world over for its maritime establishments and shipbuilding industry. The city is built between the Apennine Mountains and Liguria Sea. The city dwells on the coast of Voltri till Nervi which comprise of a 30 kilometers stretch and in the north lies on the valley of Polcevera and Bisagno. Owing to its topography, the city has been blessed with Mediterranean climate characterized by Atlantic interferences and maritime temperature. Therefore, the city witnesses mild and humid winters and warm summers characterized by thunderstorms and heavy downpours. The average temperature reaches to 8 degree Celsius in winters and 24 degree Celsius in summers. Winters is observed to be comparatively cooler owing to the continuous interference of northern breeze which is often dry and cool. Apart from the northern winds, southeastern winds, blowing from the Atlantic region brings with it storms and downpours during summers. The main hotspots for visitors are Piazza De Ferrari on which the very famous Opera Theater and Palace of the Doges are situated. Strada Nuova, also acknowledged by the famous World Heritage’s list, was built to accommodate palaces of most eminent families of 16th centaury like Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo bianco et al. Porto Antico is an ancient port established in Genoa built by the world famous architect of 16 century, Renzo Piano. The port is now also a hub to the famous aquarium, the Bigo and the Bolla.