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Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo
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Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo

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The Natura Artis Magistra is one of the oldest zoos found in Europe. It was founded in 1838, and today it houses about 700 animal species and 200 trees, which are mostly near-extinct. The Amsterdam Zoo includes an aquarium, a planetarium, and a botanical garden. It even has a dedicated place for microorganisms in the Amsterdam Zoo Micropia.

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Aside from being a home for endangered species, the Artis Zoo also houses 27 historic buildings standing within its grounds. One example is its library that preserves the archives and manuscripts of zoologists and botanists. It also contains several books and thousands of animal prints, making it a part of the special collection of the University of Amsterdam.

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The zoo is located right at the heart of the city at Plantage Kerklaan. It does not only showcase its massive scientific collections. During summer, the zoo also hosts musical activities and special programs for children aside from the guided tours.

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