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Top 16 Attractions in Amsterdam

Popular Amsterdam sights and tourist spots

Nestled along the channels of elaborate canal systems, Amsterdam is a place teeming with an artistic heritage. It is home to Rembrandt and Van Gogh and the famous diarist, Anne Frank. It is where the most exciting day trips abound and the dreamy night escapades happen. Considered as the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s frontrunners in tourist destinations.

Before the street emptied for the pandemic, the city was bustling with festivities and nightlife. There, you can experience the bike ride, the canal tours, and the scrumptious foods along its bank. Amsterdam is one of those romantic places where the modern meets the old century. The Red Light District is also a major attraction that draws an influx of tourists every year. All these make this Dutch city interesting – both historically and socially speaking.

But there is more to Amsterdam than its grand canals and open stores. The stunning architectural structures, the unique way of transport, and its historical sites make up the grandiosity of this city. Food and fun activities also make up the details that propel its popularity. The bike trails also lead to places away from the strum of the busy city. The various museums will march visitors back to the past including what happened during the Holocaust, as well as the progress of Dutch arts and culture over the years. All year-round, with the changing seasons, there is no halt in leisure activities that Amsterdam has to offer.

Here are the top-rated tourist attractions to visit in Amsterdam to explore the authentic traditional and modern culture it holds in its bosom.

  • Canals of Amsterdam thumbnail
    A canal in Amsterdam.
    Amsterdam's canals stretch for a total of more than one hundred kilometers, with some 1,500 bridges crossing them, linking about 90 islands. Sightseeing is one of the many exciting things to do in Amsterdam. Canal cruises will take tourists to some of the fascinating attractions within the city. The cruises on the Amsterdam Canal Ring, is in fact, the most popular tourism activity. It is the gateway into knowing the vibrant life of the city as the boat loops around the metro in its impressive water linkages ...

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  • Anne Frank House thumbnail
    The facade of the Anne Frank house alongside its complementary museum building.
    The Anne Frank Huis (Anne Frank House) is a historical building that teems with the stories of struggle and inspiration of the eponymous diarist. ...

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  • Rijksmuseum thumbnail
    The facade of the Rijksmuseum and its passage through.
    The Rijksmuseum is just one of the 40 museums scattered in the Netherlands. And it is also the most popular and most visited. It lies in the Museum Square south of Amsterdam. It contains a vast collection of artworks and national treasures that spans the era. The Rijksmuseum also encases the 800-year collection of Dutch arts, artifacts, and historical objects. These collections retell the lively life story that founded Dutch art history since the Middle Age ...

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  • Van Gogh Museum thumbnail
    Some paintings at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
    Another top-rated museum that boasts the richness of Dutch art is the Van Gogh Museum. It is located a couple of blocks away from the Rijksmuseum. Van Gogh Museum has a significant amount of Vincent's unsold art collections. It has around 200 paintings, 400 drawings, and about 700 letters that Vincent Van Gogh himself has written.

    The museum also displays other contemporary arts and sculptures ...

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  • Amsterdam Cheese Museum thumbnail
    The showcase window of the Amsterdam Cheese Museum.
    Art and history are not the oldest and notable aspects of Amsterdam. One of its traditions also boasts its 600-year-old cheese business. Some names like Gouda, Edam, and Old Amsterdam are just a few of its cheese collections named after different Netherland cities.

    The Amsterdam Cheese museum features the history of making traditional Dutch cheeses and gives visitors an overview of some specialty products ...

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  • Jordaan District thumbnail
    A view of the Jordaan district in Amsterdam.
    Jordaan is an exciting place that intertwines flea markets, specialty shops, and pubs with architecturally beautiful houses. Like most Amsterdam buildings, century-old houses also grace the avenue opposite the serene canals. It also provides a good venue for traditional weekend brunch.

    It is situated by the four main canals west of Grachtengordel, and a walking distance from public transportations. At the borders of Jordaan also lies the famous Anne Frank museum ...

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  • Royal Palace of Amsterdam thumbnail
    The facade of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam.
    In the Dam Square in Amsterdam, the Royal Palace is still standing in all its splendor and glory. The Royal Palace occupies a massive portion of the west Dam Square and is just one of the three palaces found in the Netherlands.


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  • Nemo Science Museum thumbnail
    The exterior of the Nemo Science Museum.
    The eighth most visited museum in the Netherlands is also the largest science museum in the country. The Nemo Science Museum is a must-see attraction located by the west dock of Oosterdok 2 by the waters of Ij.


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  • Amsterdam Dungeon thumbnail
    The sign at the entrance of the Amsterdam Dungeon.
    Dungeon-themed parks are thrilling places of attraction for the wandering brave soul. These attractions are popular in Europe with some sites located in Germany and London. Similarly, the Amsterdam-based dungeon caters to tourists to showcase the country’s history through an interactive show. It says to bring to life the 500 years of dark and bleak Dutch history. It is housed inside a historical church that exudes a Neo-Gothic architectural element ...

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  • Red Light District thumbnail
    Part of the Red Light District by a canal at night.
    Amsterdam is also popular for its Red Light District or De Wallen that fulfills the quest for exciting nightlife. Across the narrow alley of the canal are the lines of brothels, strip clubs, sex shops, and pubs. It lets tourists and locals enjoy the art of pornography, prostitution, and smoking joints in open honesty. This is also the place where Dutch drinks and locally sourced beers are popular. This part of the city combines bar and "leisure" experiences without discrimination and criminalization ...

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