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Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam
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Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam

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Located in the Old Center district of Amsterdam, the Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam is one of the most famous historic hotel in Amsterdam.


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In the 20th century, 6 shipping companies agreed to gather and build a head office to sell tickets for overseas trips. At the time, shipping was a thing because it held worldwide trade. The building was not an ordinary office, but more looking like a palace back in the time.

In 1998, the city of Amsterdam has put the building for sale. Then, a property developer saw the building as an opportunity to tun it in a 5-star hotel.

During the renovations process, the idea was to make the building look like a hotel. Many artists were called to paint and make drawings on the walls and even paint the pool floors.

In 2007, the Grand Hotel Amarth was opened. Guests were amazed by the authenticity and historical traces in the Hotel, where no longer after the Hotel won numerous prizes and recognition in the world of 5-star luxury hotels.

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From the first look at the Grand Hotel Amarth Amsterdam, you see that the building is full of history and stories to tell. There are so many ancient details on the building's facade - sea creatures, mythical figures, and anchors, where you instantly see that the history of the building involves the sea. Further exploring the hotel itself gives you a feeling that you are going through a museum. There are nautical-inspired grass windows and antique furniture. There is a map of the world on the ceiling that is a thousand square meters big. It is a real jewel for sea lovers.

The Grand Hotel Amarth has 205 rooms, including 22 suites. Some of the facilities within the hotel are the "Seven Seas" restaurant, where guests can enjoy a tasty breakfast, but it also serves a lunch and dinner menu. Amarth's Spa and Wellness Centre offers two saunas, a hot tub, a fitness room, and a heated swimming pool.

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Rate per night: From 160 Euro.

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