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Keukenhof Gardens
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Keukenhof Gardens

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The outskirt of Amsterdam is also home to a wide variety of tulips and roses on display in Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. This flower park spans about 32 hectares of the plantation that usually blooms during the spring season. But it is not exclusive to tulips and roses alone. It also has many other flower species planted in clusters for an explosion of colors during the blooming season.

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The Keukenhof is not just about the flower show. It also has hiking trails amidst the flower plantations that cut across ponds and pavilions. The beautiful landscape is also littered with some admirable statues that are the noble works of some national and international artists. It perfectly describes the city’s strong inclination to arts and culture.

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Keukenhof is a family tourist destination that children can also enjoy. It features a playground with lots of fun activities for kids. It is located near the Schiphol Airport and other bordering Dutch cities like The Hague and Rotterdam. The Garden is accessible by any land transportation. It even features bike sheds for those who prefer the greener way of transport.

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