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The Rijksmuseum is just one of the 40 museums scattered in the Netherlands. And it is also the most popular and most visited. It lies in the Museum Square south of Amsterdam. It contains a vast collection of artworks and national treasures that spans the era. The Rijksmuseum also encases the 800-year collection of Dutch arts, artifacts, and historical objects. These collections retell the lively life story that founded Dutch art history since the Middle Age.

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Some of the famous artworks that decorate the hallways of the museum include the works of Rembrandt van Rijn and Johannes Vermeer. Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait also graces the Rijksmuseum with its French impressionism. There is also a dedicated pavilion that showcases some Asian art collections.

The museum houses the works of other lesser-known artists that predefines Dutch art history. Presently, it holds about one million art collections but displays only 8,000 objects.

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Visitors wanting an immersive knowledge of their art can spend up to five hours touring the entire museum. But a minimum of two hours may already indulge tourists with the highlight of the collection.

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