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Westerkerk Church
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Westerkerk Church

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This Reformed Church is located at the westernmost part of the Grachtengordel in Central Amsterdam. It lies a few blocks from the Anne Frank House and where the statue of the diarist stands outside its doors. It is considered the highest church in the whole of Amsterdam with the spire reaching up to 87 meters.


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The Westerkerk was built between 1620 to 1631 and was the most important church in Amsterdam. Its clock and bell tower became a city symbol even up to this day.

The church became a famous tourist attraction in 1966 following the Dutch Royal Family’s Queen Beatrix wedding to Prince Claus von Amsberg. It is also the burial place of some famous artists and notable personalities like Rembrandt van Rijn.

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The church also holds in it the strong influence of arts from the paintings which took inspiration from the Book of Kings. It also basks in the abstract dynamism and biblical scenes of the Renaissance era. The ‘light effect’ embraces the church’s interior with undimmed sunlight from its large windows.

Visiting information and tips

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The Westerkerk is open to visitors where they can climb the tower and enjoy the idyllic view of the city. However, the church closes every Sunday for religious services. It is the time when the church fills up with classical music concerts and acoustics.

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