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Located in the southeastern part of Europe is the beautiful country of Romania. Once under the communist regime and keeping close ties with the Soviet Union, Romania has been a republic since the year 1989. To this day, the country continues to pick up the pieces left by the communist rule and to make the country into a modernized and industrialized European nation.

The country of Romania is situated along the coast of the Black Sea and shares its borders with the countries of Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine. The first thing that travelers visiting this remarkable country would notice is its landscape. Romania is the home of a diverse landscape which includes the majestic Carpathian Mountains as well as rolling slopes, caverns, straits and a large central plateau. There are over twelve thousand different lakes and streams that dot the country’s landscape, further adding to the exquisite beauty of the country. The best way to explore the breathtaking landscape of the country of Romania is through any of the river cruises which you can book with your travel agent well in advance.

Because of its location, the locals in Romania experience harsh winters and sweltering summers. During the summer months, tourists and locals experience extremely long days and very short nights so much that it is common for those living along the coastal areas of the Black Sea to only experience 1 hour of darkness and 23 hours of sunlight each day. During the winter months, the opposite happens.

Unlike its neighbors, Romania is a country that is predominantly comprised of ethnic locals. 10% of the population is either Hungarians or Gypsies. Once famed for traveling from one city to another and not having a place that they really call “home”, the gypsies have now settled in the outskirts of the cities and towns.

The Transylvanian countryside is perhaps the most visited region in Romania by travelers visiting the country. Apart from the numerous historic churches and villages, it is home to Bucovcania’s famous painted monasteries, all of which have been recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Many tourists visit the different castles that are scattered all through the country side. Most have been built as far back as the 14th century. But the prime attraction here in Transylvania are the monuments and tours dedicated to Prince Vlad III Dracul, known also as Vlad the Impaler and the main influence for Bram Stoker’s most famous novel, Dracula.

Apart from its rich historical heritage, Romania is also a perfect tourist destination for travelers who are looking for a place to relax and unwind. The climate surrounding the country has provided the country with lush rainforests which are a treat to go trekking and hiking. The country of Romania is also home to a number of different geothermal water reserves, providing tourists and locals alike a number of spa resorts where you can submerge yourself in natural thermal springs while being captivated by the breathtaking scenery of the Romanian countryside.

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