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England is an amalgamation of ancient megaliths and modern domes. A perfect country for enjoyment and adventure, England offers a wide variety of activities to the tourists. Considering the fact that it lies in the Northern Hemisphere, at high latitude, England has its fair share of winter. The winters are usually cold and wet with ample snow from November – February. The summers that span from July to August are hot and dry. From March to May, frequent showers alternate with a few sunny spells. The best time to visit England is April - September.

Presence of human life in England can be dated back to 700,000 years. This fact is reiterated by the discovery of the stone tools that belong to that era. History of England is not complete without the mention of Romans who occupied the Southern England in 50 AD. However their rule came to an end in 410 AD. This laid foundation for the emergence of new England that evolved through centuries and currently England preserves royal monarchy.

The capital city of London is the next venue of the Olympics in 2012. Stretching over the River Thames, London has been one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe and Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in world. Home to approximately 7 million people, this city is the administrative and cultural center of England. Yet another city, Canterbury has the Bishop Seat and is spread across a neat coastline. Devon lies in the southwest of England and has a landscape dotted with rugged highlands. Cornwall with its rocky coastline is another tourist destination that is worth visiting.
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