Untamed Adventure Awaits YouAre you looking for a vacation that doesn't involve standing in long lines under the heat of a blazing sun, waiting for your chance to experience what the sign claims is a ride of a lifetime? You can by choosing to visit Yellowstone National Park, instead of those crowded, you have seen one you've seen them all amusement parks!Let your sense for adventure out with a visit to this wonderful nature's Park. It has nearly 3,500 square miles of unspoiled land and scores of animals roaming free and spreads through three states of the United States of America, just like nature intended it to be.  Those 3 gloriously natural states are Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Yellowstone National Park was the world's first national park and is a proud and treasured landmark of the United States.  Here is where our national anthem echoes loudly: The land of the free and the home of the brave. Get reacquainted with the life of yesteryear. Back before high-rise buildings, power-meetings, cell phones, automobiles, and organized children's sports overtook our lands and lives. Shed those business suits and dress shoes and slide into a pair of jeans and a good pair of hiking boots. Get out along one of Yellowstone National Park's many marked trails and breathe-in the natural air and scenery around you. Leave the demands of work behind at the office and just let yourself become one with the nature around you. When you head back to your everyday life-you'll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the things you have to. Don't forget to visit one of the most famous features, Old Faithful. And its daily, without fail, eruptions of water. The area also contains hot springs (warm pools of water), and you can see many animals taking advantage of their steamy-soothing properties. As you make your way along the nature trails of Yellowstone National Park, you will see glimpses of such wildlife like elk, buffalo, grizzly bears, and sometimes the elusive wolf or wolf pack. It is important to note here that as you're hiking, remember to make some noise not to surprise animals that are up ahead of you. Animal attacks, namely attacks from grizzly bears, are rare, but Mother Grizzlies are extremely protective of their young cubs and might attack if surprised by your sudden appearance.  A little noise alerts her to move along with her babies safely in tow.  The park also strongly discourages anyone from wandering off the marked walking/hiking trails, as this heightens the risk of an unpleasant encounter with a wild animal.Can't get enough of this natural-stuff now that you've set your spirit free? Not to worry. You can pitch a tent and build a campfire at many campsites located in various locations throughout the park.   Fry up the fish you caught in one of the lakes over a campfire and shares stories about the gigantic fish that got away from you for a good time with family and friends.A visit to Yellowstone National Park will offer you and your family the opportunity for a vacation different from many you have most likely already experienced. Those vacations spent trudging through crowds for overpriced food and amusements often leave you more frustrated, and broke, than entertained.