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Top 3 Attractions in Alice Springs Red Centre

Popular Alice Springs Red Centre sights and tourist spots

  • Kings Canyon thumbnail
    A nice perspective of Kings Canyon in the Red Centre region of Australia.
    Located partway between Alice Springs and Uluru in Watarrka National Park is magnificent Kings Canyon, which boasts the Red Center's deepest gorge. Sandstone walls tower more than 100 meters above Kings Creek that meanders below, with sections of the gorge forming part of a sacred Aboriginal site to the Luritja people. Perennial waterholes lie at the canyon's bottom, while lush ferns and palm forests comprise the Garden of Eden in the upper part of the gorge ...

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  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park thumbnail
    Picture of the the famous Uluru, also formerly known as AyersRock, in the Red Centre region of Australia.
    Situated in the heart of the Red Centre is the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It includes one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock), and the dome-shaped rock formations of Kata Tjuta, or the Olgas, which lie around 40 kilometers away. Uluru is a massive sandstone monolith that rises 348 meters in the middle of the surrounding desert. It’s of sacred importance to the traditional custodians of the land, the Anangu people, who believe their ancestors created the landscape at the very beginning of time ...

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  • Simpsons Gap thumbnail
    A view of the Simpsons Gap in the Red Centre region of Australia near Alice Springs.
    Set within the West MacDonnell Ranges, just a short drive from Alice Springs, Simpsons Gap is one of the most prominent gaps in the region and a permanent waterhole site. Its rugged cliffs stand in striking contrast to the desert plains and dunes surrounding the gap, with white-barked ghost gums and eucalyptus dotting the landscape. Simpsons Gap is of spiritual importance to the Arrernte people who have inhabited the region for centuries. It is known to them as “Rungutjirpa” and is home to their giant goanna ancestors, as well as being a setting for numerous Dreamtime stories ...

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