In most of the popular cities in the United States, you are sure to find one iconic symbol that the moment you see it, it immediately brings to mind that particular city. San Francisco's cable car system sparks such imagery. The San Francisco Cable Car System traces back its history as far back as the late 1800s. Back in those days, the steep slopes of the streets which are common in the city of San Francisco have made it extremely difficult for street cars that were pulled by horses to traverse, especially during the rainy season. The frequency and the number of accidents to people and animals led to Andrew Smith Hallidie from England to develop the cable car system. The cable car system was opened on August 10, 1878. Today, taking a ride on the San Francisco cable car is one of the must-do things tourists should not miss when visiting the city of San Francisco, California, making it the city's historic landmark literally on wheels. There are three cable car routes that are currently in operation, each stopping at some of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, providing travelers a completely unique way of seeing the city of San Francisco. While you can pay your fare as you ride the cable car, there are a number of different passes that are being sold which provide you unlimited access to riding the cable car. These passes are offered for both adults and children ranging from one day to one week.