The Campo Bandiera e Moro is a city square on the eastern part of Venice's main island. 

The name of the square was named Campo Bragora, from the island's name, in the first half of its history. But then it was renamed Campo Bandiera e Moro in honor of the Bandiera brothers (Emilio and Attilio) and Domenico Moro who fought and died for Italy in 1844 during Cosenza rebellions.

The plaza is especially famous for its church of San Giovanni in Bragora. Many Venetian palaces surround the camp, like the gothic-styled Morosini one built in the 14th century. There is also the Soderni palace, the historical birthplace of Emilio and Attilio Bandiera.

The Campo's Well

The square's center well (pozzo in Italian) is made of Istria stone with arcs on the upper sides and sail ships on some corners. It also has chiseled lion figures and a convex metal cover.