Palazzo Ariani Minotto Cigogna is a Venetian palace. It is located in the sestiere-district of Dorsoduro, almost directly in front of the Church of Angelo San Raffaele and near the Church of San Sebastiano. The adjacent Ponte del Soccorso connects it to Ca' Zenobio degli Armeni.


A Palazzo Ariani is documented in this place already in 845. However, the present building dates back to the 13th century and was the residence of the Arian family, which was part of the Venetian patriciate until its extinction in the 17th century (the last scion was Giacomo Arian). In the 17th century, the property fell to the Pasqualigo family. After several more ownership changes, the building finally converted into a college by Lucia Cicogna, a catholic nun.

From 1870 Palazzo Ariani Minotto Cigogna was the City of Venice's property, then of the Province of Venice; today, it houses the Vendramin Corner Technical Institute.


Ariani Palace at Night PictureThe Palazzo Ariani at night

The palazzo has three floors and is one of the three examples of Gothic architecture in the city. The façade shows a remarkable fenestration on the two main floors: in addition to old elegant multiple windows on the left, there are two single Gothic windows on the right.

It is also worth mentioning the presence of a courtyard, partly enclosed by the building, partly by a wall that adjoins the facade on the left. From this courtyard, a staircase supported by semicircular arches leads to the upper floors.