Nestled between Palazzo Tiepolo and Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza on the banks of the Grand Canal, Palazzo Pisani Moretta is a historic 15th-century residence built by the Bembo family. It later became home to the wealthy Pisani Moretta family and was extended over successive centuries, eventually taking on its current appearance in the 18th century.

The facade of Palazzo Pisani Moretta is designed in a flamboyant Venetian Gothic style, with arched doorways opening onto the canal and mullioned windows with point arches along its two floors. The interior features ornate Baroque decorations, with works on display by popular Venetian artists at the time such as Tiepolo, Guarana and Angeli. A grand double staircase leads to the second floor and an opulent masquerade ball known as Il Ballo del Doge is held here each during the Venetian Carnival.

Paolo Veronese's famous painting “The Family of Darius before Alexander” once hung here (before being acquired by the National Gallery in London). Also there was as a painting on the ceiling named “The Chariots of Aurora” from the artist Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini that is now in George Vanderbilt’s Biltmore House. Guests to the palace once included Tsar Paul of Russia, Giuseppina Bonaparte and Giuseppe II of Austria before it was left largely abandoned at the end of the 19th century.

Extensive restorations in recent years have seen the Palazzo Pisani Moretta restored to its former glory and original furnishings have been recovered. Step inside to admire the Tiepolo ceiling and Murano glass chandeliers while taking in the views across the Grand Canal.