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France Country Guide


The country of France stretches from the Pyrenees in the south to the English Channel in the north, and is the largest country in all of Western Europe. Apart from the mainland, the country of France is also comprised of numerous islands located on the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean. Some of these islands include the islands of Corsica and Guyana. It has long been a key player in international affairs, primarily since the country is one of the founding members of the European Union.

The French landscape is as diverse as its culture is rich. On the northern region, France is lined with rolling fields and hills situated on the Massif Central. On the southern end of the country sits the glorious Alps and the majestic Pyrenees. It is for this reason that the climate surrounding the country is just as diverse. The northwest region of France, particularly the region of Brittany, experiences mild and damp weather. On the other hand, the eastern region is home to hot summer months and stormy winters, which causes the region to experience a number of forest fires during the summer season. Because of the Alps and the Pyrenees mountain ranges, the southern region experiences heavy snowfall, making the region skiing destination for tourists visiting France.

France has been considered as long been considered as one of the most visited countries in all of Europe primarily because of its rich cultural heritage. All over the country, particularly in the capital city of Paris, travelers visiting the country are captivated with its beauty and pride. One of the top tourist attractions is the Louvre Museum which lies along the right bank of the River Seine. Here, tourists and locals find their breaths taken away by some of the finest pieces of artwork in all of Europe, including the famous Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci. On the left side of the river bank lays another landmark of the country – The Eiffel Tower.

During the summer months, the southeastern region of the country pays hosts to thousands of locals and tourists visiting some of the most fashionable resorts ever constructed in the Cote d’Azur. During the other parts of the year, thousands flock to the Palace of Versailles which was built by King Louis XIV during the 17th century.

Travelers visiting France are also able to experience some of the most anticipated sporting events while they are in the capital of Paris. It is the host of the Formula 1 Series and also the French Open, one of the most followed international tennis championships. It also serves as a starting point of the Tour de France, a cycle tournament which spans over 3,400 kilometers and lasting for 24 days.

While you are in Paris, make sure that you get to spend some time to go shopping. Paris is not only the capital city of France. It is also the one of the fashion capitals of the world. Here, travelers visiting the country of France are able to get a glimpse of the latest in fashion trends which are followed all throughout the world.

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