The building has stood since 1908, and its location has made it a legend. This large coastal hotel is installed facing the sea. And the show is obvious as soon as you walk through the door. Below, one of the most beautiful hotel gardens on the Riviera (Aleppo pines, purple bougainvillea, etc.), an infinity pool where the world's 'princes' have bathed, and then the Mediterranean, of insolent beauty under the sun. And here, it is 'guaranteed' 300 days a year.

This hotel steeped in history is appreciated for its luxurious services and peaceful atmosphere, offering its French and international guests a serene interlude in an idyllic setting.

The rooms are in keeping with the rest of the hotel. Here, marble and white dominate. Everywhere, brightness reigns supreme. And if you are lucky enough to sleep in a one-bedroom suite, you will soon realize that it is bigger than your flat.

A luxury-style palace hotel.
A luxury-style palace hotel. [CC] credit.

The Veranda favors Mediterranean cuisine (avocado with shrimps, gazpacho of tomatoes, cherries and roasted peppers, pistou soup with Marseille basil, etc.) and the Club Dauphin, by the swimming pool, offers various salads, pasta and other dishes for children.

By offering its guests a completely renovated establishment, the Grand-Hôtel Cap Ferrat was the only one on the Côte d'Azur to receive the Palace distinction when it was first selected by the French Ministry of Tourism in May 2011.