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Belgium Country Guide


Belgium is a small country of Europe with a high population density. The country shares its borders with France, Germany and the Netherlands, an issue that was only settled after World War I in the year 1919. A founding member of the European Union which was established in 1957, Belgium plays an important role in both European and international affairs.

Belgium is truly a country worth discovering. The northern region of the country is dominated by a wide stretch of flat terrain which stretches from the Flanders to the Dutch borders. The southern part of the central plateau is bordered by the Meuse River and the Sambre River. On the other hand, the southern region of the country is dominated by the Ardennes Plateau which is a mixture of rocky terrain and rich dense forests. It is also home to some of the most stunning limestone caves in Europe and a favorite tourist attraction for visitors looking to enjoy some outdoor activities.

Travellers visiting Belgium would find the climate comparatively mild. The summer season in this country is very short. The skies are predominantly cloudy and would experience frequent events of rainfall, particularly in the mountainous region of Ardennes where travellers would be able to experience winter snow all year round.

The country of Belgium has a very dense population. Because of its small land area, the country only has a few natural resources. This is one of the reasons why 60% of the electricity that powers the country comes from nuclear power. There are three main dialects spoken in this country, depending on where you are in the country. Walloon, a French dialect, is spoken by the locals in the southern region of Belgium. On the eastern region, German is the predominant language spoken while the northern regions of the country speak Dutch or Flemish.

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. It has about a million inhabitants. It is the center of the government and trade. With 3 languages: Dutch, French and German, this place is truly the administrative headquarters of the European Union. If you are planning to visit Belgium, make sure to allot more than just a couple of days in the country.

Tourists are treated to a variety of activities and attractions to fill your entire day and make your visit to Belgium one that you will never forget. Enjoy a cruise down the Canal in the town of Bruges or find some diamonds in Antwerp. The beaches situated in the town of Oostende are perfect place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life while enjoying some of the famous Belgiamn waffles. For a taste of the finest beers in Europe, travel to the capital city of Brussels, which is well known for its beers and rich, luscious chocolates.

For a dose of the country’s rich historical heritage, there are a number of different castles that you can visit in Belgium. One of the main tourist attractions in the country is the Annevoie Castle. Built in 1776 by Charles de Montpellier, the castle boasts of beautiful gardens and graceful fountains. Another is the Citadel of Dinant which is situated on a cliff above the Meuse River and built in 1051 as a fort to defend the country against invaders. The National Botanic Garden of Belgium in Meise is a haven for tourists and locals to commune with nature which is home to 227 acres of medicinal plants, herbs, shrubs and conifers.

"Belgique" Provinces

  • Anvers

  • Brabant

  • Bruxelles / Brussels

  • Flandre Occidentale (West-Vlaanderen)

  • Flandre Orientale (Oost-Vlaanderen)

  • Hainaut

  • Liège

  • Limbourg

  • Namur


  • Aalst

  • Antwerp / Antwerpen

  • Barvaux-sur-Ourthe

  • Bouillon

  • Bruges / Brugge

  • Brussels / Bruxelles / Brussel

  • Charleroi

  • Genk

  • Gent

  • Hasselt

  • Knokke-Heist

  • Kortrijk

  • La Louvière

  • Leuven

  • Liège

  • Mechelen

  • Mons

  • Namur

  • Oostende

  • Roeselare

  • Seraing

  • Sint-Niklaas

  • Spa

  • Tournai

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