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Top World Attractions

  • 9.4 /10
    Angkor Wat thumbnail
    Some top structures of the Angkor Wat.
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    Angkor Wat, which means 'temple of the city', is an ancient Cambodian complex of temples and ruins. This popular tourist attraction is located in Angkor, just 5.5 Kilometers north of the capital city Siem Reap in Cambodia ...

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  • Canals of Venice thumbnail
    A view of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.
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    Thanks to its canals, Venice is known to be one of the most magical places on earth. The city is a testament to the ingenuity of the human spirit and man-made invention. Stone buildings of great beauty sit on the water; boats of varying sizes traverse the canals the way cars, trucks, and buses crowd the streets of more conventional cities; crowds throng the bridges and narrow pedestrian streets ...

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  • Acropolis of Athens thumbnail
    The Acropolis of Athens.
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    Greece is the home to several acropolises or 'high cities', yet no visit to Greece would be complete without visiting the ancient splendor of the Acropolis of Athens.  This archeological treasure of civilization is still the 'must-see' attraction for all of Greece ...

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  • 9.1 /10
    Petra thumbnail
    A picture of the archaeological city of Petra.
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    Petra is a top tourist attraction in Jordan. It is tucked behind a wall of rugged mountains, a well-kept secret that continues to beckon to tourists because of its unrivaled views of the ancient world ...

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  • Great Wall of China thumbnail
    Picture of the Great Wall of China
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    Stretching well over 6350 km (3,948 miles) in length, the Great Wall of China is one of the few man-made structures visible from space. The wall follows from east to west, and its history goes back for over 2000 years. While much of the wall has come to ruin, it is one of the most historical architectural design pieces globally and is a must-see when visiting China ...

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  • 8.8 /10
    Grand Canyon thumbnail
    A spectacular view of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, U.S.
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    The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular National Parks in the United States of America. Like all National Parks, the Grand Canyon was not always the well-known national treasure today. It was not a protected area right after its initial discovery a few hundred years ago ...

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  • Great Pyramids of Egypt thumbnail
    Picture of the Great Pyramids of Egypts. The largests one is the Khufu Pyramid also known as "Cheops"
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    Giza's great pyramids are the most famous pyramids in the world, and its site attracts millions of tourists every year. These Egyptian pyramids offer a mix of ancient history and grandeur that is unparalleled on earth. Some of these constructions date back as far as around 3,000 B ...

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  • 8.7 /10
    Intramuros thumbnail
    The entrance of Fort Santiago in Intramuros.
    The walled city of Intramuros is the oldest district in Manila as it was built in 1571. It served as the center for the Spanish colony's rule and was then once called and believed to be Manila itself ...

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    Iguazu Falls thumbnail
    An areal view of part of Iguazu Falls.
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    The spectacular South American Iguazu Falls, which are located along the border of Brazil and Argentina, are considered a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. These falls are much taller (or longer, however you want to look at it) than Niagara Falls and are nearly four times as wide, with an impressive 275 different cascades and individual waterfalls plunging about 270 feet into the gorge below ...

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  • 8.7 /10
    Niagara Falls thumbnail
    A view at the top of the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara.
    Niagara Falls is a gigantic waterfall straddling the US-Canadian border between the Ontario Province and New York State. While they are neither the steepest nor the largest waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls may arguably be the most famous, attracting nearly 20 million visitors each year ...

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  • Great Barrier Reef thumbnail
    Underwater picture of part of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.
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    Stretching around 2,300 kilometers along the northeastern coast of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is the Earth’s largest living organism. It’s home to more than 600 types of hard and soft corals, together with a staggering array of tropical fish, mollusks, turtles, and sharks ...

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    Mount Everest thumbnail
    A view of Mount Everest covered in snow.
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    About 60 million years ago (give or take a few million years), Mount Everest was formed, giving Earth one of its most spectacular natural landmarks. The mountain, the highest in the world, is located on the border of Nepal and Tibet, China. These two countries, especially Nepal, make a significant amount of money every year due to Mount Everest tourism ...

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  • Galapagos Islands thumbnail
    Part of the Galapagos Islands west of Ecuador's mainland.
    About 1,000 km off the western coast of Ecuador, a Galapagos Island tour offers a thoroughly unique experience. The only water park is the ocean, and the only rides have sails or two wheels. There is no place like them anywhere else on Earth ...

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  • Serengeti Safari thumbnail
    Picture of a safari tour in the Serengeti.
    The word 'Serengeti' comes from a Masai word meaning 'the place where the land runs on forever, and a Serengeti safari will reveal to you exactly the meaning behind this turn of phrase. The Serengeti plains seem to go on forever, and you will experience a sense of eternity and space as you travel through the plains in search of some of the incredible wild animals that still grace these beautiful plains ...

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  • Corcovado & Christ The Redeemer Statue thumbnail
    The famous Christ the Redeemer Statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
    'Corcovado' means hunchback, and that is how this granite hill looks like. Its original name is Pinaculo da Tentacao, or Pinnacle of Temptation. Corcovado with the Redemptor statue and a set of equally enchanting attractions are found in central Rio de Janeiro in Brazil ...

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  • 8.4 /10
    Angel Falls thumbnail
    Picture of Angel Falls in Venezuela.
    Spilling out from its lofty height of some 980 meters, the water at Angel Falls provides much of the beauty of this, the tallest waterfall in the world. It shows you a fascinating example of the powerful force of nature, which is now considered among the world's eight natural wonders ...

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  • Sydney Opera House thumbnail
    A view of the Sydney Opera House at night.
    Australia’s most iconic building is the Sydney Opera House which nestles on the shores of Sydney Harbour at Bennelong Point. This multi-venue performing arts center was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon and completed in 1973, before being added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007 ...

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  • 8.4 /10
    Forbidden City thumbnail
    A lion statue within the Forbidden City.
    Forbidden to outsiders no longer, enter the Forbidden City, the most famous attraction in the heart of Beijing, China, and see the former imperial palace, which now houses the Palace Museum. For almost five hundred years, from the mid-Ming Dynasty until the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Forbidden City was the Emperor's home and the Emperor's household ...

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  • Amazon Rainforest thumbnail
    A aerial view of part of the Amazon forest in South America.
    The increasing attention given to the state of the world's environment has sparked interest in ecotourism – tours that serve people who want to see the earth's wild places while reducing the environmental impact of their visits. The development of a tourist destination usually involves the construction of hotels, restaurants, and roads and services' corresponding infrastructure to maintain them ...

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  • 8.3 /10
    Timbuktu thumbnail
    A general view of Tumbuktu in 1858 illustration.
    When you say Timbuktu, what comes to mind is a place in the far reaches of the world. Some even think that Timbuktu is somewhat of a legend and not an actual, historical place. True enough, it has remained a mystery to the western world until the early 1800s ...

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    Alhambra thumbnail
    An overall view of the Alhambra complex in Granada, Spain.
    The Alhambra is the jewel of ancient Moorish Spain and is one of the country's major attractions and national treasure. It is an oasis of splendor set against the backdrop of mountains and the city of Granada. Alhambra is one of 851 sites worldwide on UNESCO's World Heritage preservation list and is the main tourist attraction in  Granada ...

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    Rio Carnival thumbnail
    A colourful woman at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil.
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    Traveling around the world searching for the most famous, exciting, and downright fun places to visit, Rio de Janeiro's Carnival would be one of the finest and most important stops in Brazil.  The Rio Carnival coincides with the 40 days before Lent. Because during Lent, Roman Catholics are supposed to abstain from all bodily pleasures, the Carnival is held as a lead-up to this season ...

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  • 8.2 /10
    Lake Titicaca thumbnail
    A beautiful view of a small village on a peninsula in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.
    Lake Titicaca, or Lago Titicaca in Spanish,  is one of the most spectacular high-altitude lake in the world.

    This famous natural attraction straddles the border between two countries – Peru and Bolivia ...

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